Tagging Guidelines

For everyone 's convenience, please follow all of these tagging guidelines! They have been put in place to help with a faster checkout process for the customer and for the other processing of tags that takes place both during and after the sale.

No time to tag? Use our VIP tagging service to do the work for you. If you use this service, you will receive 50% commission on your sales. Our tagging service is cut off four weeks before the sale. Be sure to schedule this service in advance.

  1. ALL sections of the tag need to be filled out. Write a good enough description of the item so that the tag could be matched back up to the item if they got separated. If at all possible, place your tags on the upper right-hand side on the front of the item. If this is not possible, place the tag where it's easily accessible at checkout.
  2. Your tag paper should consist of only white or light pastel colors; no multicolored or patterned paper. You must also use cardstock paper (at least 60# or 67# cardstock). The system will print 8 tags per page.
  3. Use a safety pin, if at all possible, to attach your tags to your items. If it is not feasible to use a safety pin, you can use painter's tape or masking tape. DO NOT use packing tape to adhere your tags. Use whatever method you think will work best to adhere well to your item. Attach the safety pin or tape to the top portion of the tag only. DO NOT tape the tag on all sides, and do not cover the barcode. We need to be able to pull the tag off quickly and easily during customer checkout.
  4. It is best to put small items in plastic bags with a closure, either a Ziploc bag or any plastic bag that can be stapled, taped, or tied securely. Attach the tags to plastic bags with a safety pin or tape close to the top of the bag.
  5. To sell multiple items together, put as much into one bag or box as you can and label the tag on the main bag or box and include in the description of the tag how many parts there are, for example, "part 1 of 3." You will only print one tag from the online system for these items so that there is only one barcode to scan at checkout. You will need to create manual index card tags for parts 2 of 3 and 3 of 3, in our example. The only information that is needed on the manual index card tags are your consignor number, the item description, and "part 2 of 3," "part 3 of 3," etc.
  6. As time allows during setup of the sale, we try our best to sort items into as many categories as we can. For example, scrapbooking stickers will be sorted into holidays, themes, letters, alphabet, etc. Ribbon and fabric will be sorted by color, holidays, etc. Sorting your items by craft type and separating them into categories before bringing them to the sale will cut down on your time when putting your items on the sales floor on drop-off day.

If you have multiples of the exact same item that will all be the same price, contact us before making tags for 100 of the same item. We can work something out so you don't have to print tags for all those items.